Conference Rooms


Space for an inspirational exchange of ideas

We have our air-conditioned seminar room in the latest ambience for your seminars, conferences, workshops or any other business events. As far as technical equipment and furnishings is concerned, it has just about everything you could desire. It not only has standard beamers, overhead [projectors] and flip charts, but also a phone system for telephone conferences. This is state-of-the-art technology forming the right setting for conferences, seminars, workshops or any other events you might be planning. It measures 69 square meters and is generously dimensioned to accommodate as many as 35 guests.

Beyond this, our conference room has a pleasant atmosphere with bright and friendly spaces and ergonomic chairs for the persons attending your event. That includes direct access one of the two sun patios where they can enjoy the healthy rays of the sun during breaks. After your event in our conference room in the Pearl Hotel, you will be welcomed by our stylish hotel bar with a whole series of the choicest beverages and small snacks.

Please ask us if you are interested in a specific quotation. We will be glad to help you put on a successful event. At your choice we will even offer you a package deal for our conference room and putting up your guests.